Radenko Krulj


Acad. Prof. Radenko S. Krulj, PhD

             Serbian Royal Academy of scientists and artists, Council of academics


The decades of successful work have resulted in the recognition of Radenko Krulj, Ph.D. as an eminent pedagogical creator in the education of Serbia. A man and a pedagogue of high civil, political, professional and scientific reputation. Being a patriot and a professor, he has shared the hardships and joys of development, work and the lives of his fellow citizens.

He was born in Ljubinje municipality, the Mostar District, in1942. He finished elementary school in Ljubinje and started secondary school as a student of teacher-training school in Mostar, which he finished in Pristina in 1961. Having completed compulsory military service, he worked as a teacher in Kosovo and Metohija and then he enrolled in Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Pristina where he graduated in Pedagogy in 1968. This marked the beginning of his successful career of distinguished professor of pedagogy that has lasted for decades. .

He spent the first years of his career working in a primary school in Vucitrn as a pedagogue and assistant principal. Curiosity, pedagogical work, manifested patriotism, devotion to his work and training encouraged the young professor to accept social, youthful and pedagogical challenges , and to be actively involved in the flows of social life and with the help of young peple, to participate in the process of improving life in their communities.

During his studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Pristina, his work in the Student Youth, success in studies, participation in student activities, and especially the youth work actions, attracted attention because in all these activities he had expressed a sense of the organization of work and responsibility to the accepted commitments and obligations. Such qualities and level of engagement provided the thirty-year-old Radenko Krulj with routes and paths to the long-term presence in the centre of Serbian education. In accordance with his profession, he chose to work at the University of Pristina where he was appointed assistant at the Department of Pedagogy in 1972. By taking over class teaching methodology in 1972, his reponsible teaching role at the Faculty of Philosophy has begun. His choice proved to be very successful and quickly expressed its complete justification. The results of his work served as the best recommendation for his university teaching career. While being the assistant of class teaching metodology , Krulj was also a postgraduate student. He successfully completed his MA thesis in 1978 , titled: "The Effects of Teaching Technology on the Quality of Knowledge in Science Teaching." Four years later, that is, in 1982 he completed his PhD thesis, titled: "Errors in Teaching and How to Overcome Them".

            Exceptional concentration focus on scientific researh in the seventies and eighties, MA and Ph.D studies, publishing of his first articles on the practice and theory of education, especially on methodology and didactics, Radenko Krulj, Ph.D. of pedagogical sciences, has achieved a very successful university professor career. He has passed through a hard but committed and authentic way of a pedagogical creator – from an analyst, researcher to a critic and respected creator; from an assistant in 1972, assistant professor in 1983, associate professor in 1988 to full-time university professor in 1993. Patiently and unassumingly, he reached the highest titles and duties at the university. It made him feel capable of subordinating everything to the absolute degree of conscience, social order and discipline; capable of understanding other people, especially students, his colleagues and other faculty and university workers. Thoroughness, diligence and erudition in the teaching and research work have resulted in his obtaining the most responsible roles and duties at the University. Radenko Krulj is, undoubtedly, one of a small number of people and scientists at the University, and especially at the University of Pristina, whose name is most related to the development, role and success of this educational and scientific institution.

            Under different circumstances, having been engaged in many committees and university bodies for the sake of promotion and work improvement of the University, Krulj was elected Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in two mandates in Pristina, while the third mandate took place at the time when the University went through great difficulties upon its relocation from Pristina to Blace. In accordance with the university arrangement and requirement, Ph.D., Prof. Krulj was elected the first Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Education in Prizren in 1993/1994, by which he introduced an entirely new institution into the regular work of the University of Pristina – the Faculty of Teacher Education. As a professor, he taught at the Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Teacher Education at the University of Nis and as a visiting professor, he taught at the University of Pale in the Republic of Srpska.

The highest level of accountability in education was entrusted to Ph.D. Radenko Krulj when he was elected Rector of the University in 1998/1999. It was a time of the greatest difficulties for the University, but it is not surprising that in such a period Prof. Krulj was chosen to face and fight these difficulties. He will remain known in the university tradition of our country as the only Serbian pedagogue in the twentieth century who took responsibility of the University Rector in Serbia in very difficult circumstances. He did his best to help the university survive under war conditions and to function as an educational and scientific institution where science, knowledge and education are put into the function of human and social needs and resources, regardless of social, ethnic, religious and similar differences.However, he was reluctantly inspired, being probably the only rector in the tradition of education in Serbia and Europe, and even in the history of modern civilization, to write a paper, "University under bombs".

With a continuous professional scientific work, Prof. Radenko Krulj has been the most engaged Serbian pedagogue in the affairs of the highest legislative body - the Assembly of Yugoslavia as a federal MP, the highest authority in the Province of Kosovo and Metohija as a member of the Presidency, then as Assistant Director of the Directorate for Development of Kosovo and Metohija (education, health and culture). He has been the Vice President of the National Education Council of the Republic of Serbia since 2005, and a member of the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Higher Education, appointed by the National Council in 2006.

Being highly engaged, especially in the field of education and social life of his community, he helped the local youth enter the broader social scene, especially through his participation in youth work activities and in the intellectual enrichment and improvement of youth in Kosovo and Metohija. His contribution to the education and culture of Serbia is remarkable. He was the editor of the journal "Obelezja", a member of the editorial "Pedagogija" and other periodicals, and now he is the editor-in-chief of Pedagogy Forum Journal in Belgrade; he was also a member of the Association of Pedagogical Societies of Yugoslavia and the President of the Association of Pedagogical Societies of Yugoslavia , and now he is the President of the Pedagogy Forum of Serbia and Montenegro. He is a pedagogue of modern pedagogical vocation and expression, a flexible, prudent and diversified developer of a highly pedagogical culture and curiosity, who has been able to act pedagogically in very complex conditions of life, war and peace. He belongs to those Serbian pedagogues who have had a pioneering role in the development of education and strengthening the role of educational science in Serbian society.

His scientific path and a varied career spanning over the last six and a half decades has brought him recognition in the scientific and academic circles, and because of his constant comprehension of the science and education positions, he has been a regular member of the Serbian Academy of Education since 2007. 

The academician Radenko Krulj is, undoubtedly, one of a small number of people and scientists at the University, and especially at the University of Pristina, whose name is most related to the development, role and success of these educational and scientific institutions. He is a pedagogue of modern pedagogical vocation and expression, a flexible, prudent and diversified developer.

His scientific work consists of 14 books, textbooks, scientific papers, monographs, etc. (as an author and co-author) and along with the published articles in periodicals, at symposiums and similar occasions this makes a bibliography of over 100 items.

For his contribution to the education and culture of Serbia, he has been awarded many charters and prizes. Some of them are : the Golden Badge of the Educational Association of Serbia in 1995 , the Plaque Djordje Lekic for outstanding educational and pedagogical contribution to Kosovo and Metohija in 2006, and the University Charter for intellectual and scientific advancement of the University of Pristina in 2009, as well as awards for outstanding work and recognition of the cultural –educational development and overall development of the cities: Prizren in 1995, Ljubinje in 2000, and Blace in 2007. 


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