Nikola Vojvodić

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Nikola Vojvodic


Nikola Vojvodic PhD,

PIM University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Docent, PhD Nikola Vojvodic was born on 11th September 1962 in Donji Vrbljani, municipality Kljuc.

He has graduated from elementary school “Dr. Mladen Stojanovic” and from high school “Saint Sava” in Prijedor.

From a Faculty of Business Assistance “Fabus” he has graduated in Novi Sad. He recieved his MA and PhD from the University “Educons” in Novi Sad.

He has worked in a cellulose and paper factory “Celpak” in Prijedor, in advertising sector as a sales clerk at sales and promotions of products, and monitoring of customers.

After a war period, he started working in “Dunav Inc. Banja Luka” insurance company, Prijedor branch, where he worked as a sales clerk at the sales of a property insurance, a head of sales and at the end as a director of branch.

After finishing postgraduate studies he started working on College of Economics and Informatics in Prijedor as a professor of Advertising, Economy of EU, Enterprise Economics, Organization of Business Systems and Electronic Business.

Since 2014 he is employee of University of Business Engineering and Management in Banja Luka (PIM University) as a professor of the following undergraduate subjects: Marketing Management, Market Research, Visual Communication and Political Marketing. Also, he teaches on Andragogy course the following postgraduate subjects: Marketing in LLL and Marketing in Adult Education.

He is a member of UO AZORS (Insurance Agency of the Republic of Srpska) within the mandate 2013-2018.

Scientific articles published in scientific journals with national importance:

$1·         Market Orientation of Insurance Companies, Scientific journal “Primus”, Gradiska, 2010.

$1·         Measuring the Satisfaction of the Insured, Scientific journal “Primus”, Gradiska, 2010.

$1·         Strategy for Positioning and Setting up Development of the Institute "Mihajlo Pupin" in BiH, Senate BiH, 2012.

$1·         Branding of the Republic of Srpska, PIM University, Banja Luka, 2015.

Published textbooks:

$1·         Economic Effects of Marketing, “Kozara” museum, Banja Luka, 2013.

$1·         Political Management, PIM University, Banja Luka, 2014.