Andon Kostadinović


Emeritus professor dr Andon G. Kostadinovic,  sociologist

 Faculty of Law, Security and Management "Constantine the Great" Nis, Vice Rector of the University "Union Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade, Serbia.


Andon G. Kostadinović, professor, emeritus of sociology at the University "Union-Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade, Vice-rector of the University and honorary doctor of science, studied French language and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, a sociology group. 

He studied postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, and on the same master's degree in the group for sociology of work in the class of professor dr Danila Ž. Markovic. He received his doctorate at the same Faculty from the field of Sociology of Labor, Education and Technical Progress.

 At the Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade, was elected Assistant Professor in 1986, as an Associate Professor in 1995. and full professor in 1997. He lectured Sociology of Labor, Sociology and Methodology of Scientific Research Work.

 Now he teaches Methodology of Scientific Research Work at the Faculty of Law, Security and Management "Konstantin Veliki" in Nis. He published as author and co-author over 150 scientific and expert papers.

He was elected Academician of Serbian Learning Society "EKOMAN" (SERBIAN SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY AND INTERNATIONAL ASSOTIATION OF URBAN ECOLOGY) and Serbian Royal Academy of Serbian scientists and artists.
He was the Head of the Department of Social Sciences, the Director of the Higher Vocational School of Traffic Management and the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Security and Management "Constantine the Great" in Nis, and was one of the founders of this first private Faculty in the Niš region. 

 He has won several prestigious awards in the field of social sciences. He published works from various fields of Sociology, especially Sociology of Labor, Education and Technical Progress. The author is or co-author of numerous monographs, textbooks, books, studies, among which the monograph is distinguished Problems of organization in the contemporary development of Yugoslav Railways (1979), The influence of technical progress on the development of education and the culture of work in large systems (1987), Education and ecology ), Social Ecology and Environmental Protection (1997), Social Ecology (2002), Sociology of Work (2004), Flame Dawn (2012), General Sociology (2017), Elementary School in Donji Komren (2018)


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