Zoran Bozic

Zoran Bozic

PhD Zoran Božič, University of Nova Gorica, Faculty of Humanities, Slovenia


ZORAN BOŽIČ is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Nova Gorica. During his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana in 2010 he prepared his dissertation entitled Poezija Franceta Prešerna v srednješolskih učbenikih in njena recepcija (dealing with problems of canonizing, didactics and reader's response), which has also been published as a book (entitled Slovene Literature at School and the Poetry of France Prešeren). He is a member of the Slovenian National Council and the president of the Commission for the Culture, Science, Education and Sports. He is also a member of the Greek scientific association ATINER and of the reviewer's board of Athens Journal of Philology.

In the last few years he has published several scientific papers in countries such as USA Prosification - a didactic means of improving reception of Krstpri Savici (The Baptism at the Savica) (2010) and The learning chain of excerpts didactic model: the example of the novella Tantadruj by Ciril Kosmač(2017), Estonia France Prešeren's poems: from misunderstanding to teaching (2013) and The Baptism at the Savica by France Prešeren as a successful attempt to outwit the censorship: romantic confession of a defeated person, a member of an unfree nation (2014), Slovakia Evaluation of France Prešeren's poems (2014), Canada The problem of interpreting and receiving Prešeren's poem To the Poet (2014), Poland Empirical Research: how to Improve Reception of Classical Poetry (2015) and Greece The Problem of the Representation of Women Authors in Slovenian Secondary School Literature Textbooks (2016).

His scientific monograph with the title France Prešeren's poems: understanding, evaluation, interpretation: reception-based approach to the poetry of the most important Slovenian romantic poet was published in Germany (2014).



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