Ekaterina Dimitrova Kyuskieva Arabska



Name, academic position and degree 

Assoc. Prof. Ekaterina Dimitrova Kyuskieva-Arabska, Ph.D.

E-mail address

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Affiliation – research organization, department

1.                  University of agribusiness and rural development – Plovdiv, Faculty of economics and management, Vice-Dean

2.                  Innovations and sustainability academy – Plovdiv, Bulgaria, President of the Management Board

 Education and training

-                    Ph.D. in Organization and management beyond the sphere of material production (defense and security), professional field: Administration and management, Vasil Levski National Military University – Veliko Tarnovo (2016)

-                    Ph.D. in Sociology, International Cross-academic association – Supreme cross-academic attestation Board –Moscow, Russian Federation (2007)

-                    Master of Science in Management of Economy, Master Program: Management of Human Resources, Technical University – Gabrovo (2006)

-                    Bachelor in Public Administration, Technical University – Gabrovo (2004)

-                    Master of Science in Biology, Specialization: Plant biotechnology, Paissii Hilendarski Plovdiv University (1999)

-                    Participations in qualification courses, seminars, webinars, 5 scientific workshops under the project BG051PO001/3.3-05-001 „Science and business (Operational programme Human resources development 200-2013, Ministry of education and science), etc.

Academic positions in the last five years

July 2011 – till now: University of agribusiness and rural development – Plovdiv

October 2010 – July 2011: Higher school Agricultural college – Plovdiv

Assistant Professor, Head of National and international projects department, Expert in International relations department, Vocational qualification center, Career development center and Scientific works and advisory services center, Secretary of New knowledge Journal of science

Main research area and subareas

Social sciences

Economics, organization and management

Specializations abroad and international collaborations

Erasmus+ mobilities

-                    Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility: Destination management and marketing organizations, Alexander Technological Educational Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece, 30 May – 3 June 2016

-                    Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility: Approaches and instruments for sustainable rural development, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia, 25 – 30 September 2015

-                    Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility: Management and innovations for sustainable rural development accenting agriculture development in conditions of general globalization and urbanization, Malopolska School of Economics in Tarnow, Poland, 21-27 September 2014

-                    Erasmus teaching staff mobility: Innovations and management in agriculture concerning sustainable development, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey, 5-9 June 2013

-                    Erasmus+ teaching staff mobility: Management of sustainable development, Van Hall Larenstein University of applied sciences, the Netherlands, 24-28 September 2012

Key participations

-                    First international conference on social entrepreunership “Tips, skills & tools for consulting social entrepreneurs”, Agricultural University – Plovdiv, 29 of September, 2016. Project SESBA: Social Enterprise Skills for Business Advisers No 2015-1-EL01-KA202-014097 Erasmus+

-                    SESBA 2nd partner meeting – Thurles, Ireland, Limerick Institute of Technology, 15 June 2016.

-                    IV International scientific conference Climate Change, Economic Development, Environment аnd People Conference (CCEDEP) under the subtopic Regional development of Central and Eastern European countries, University of agribusiness and rural development (UARD) and Alliance of Central and Eastern European Universities (ACEU) under the patronage of the Ministry of economy and energy of the Republic of Bulgaria, October 2014, Member of the Organizational Committee.

-                    Innovations in Modern Organizations. Economic and Social Aspects INO-2014, Malopolska School of economics in Tarnow, 26 September 2014, Poland, International Erasmus week. Presentor.

-                    NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Managing Terrorism threats to Critical Infrastructure – Challenges for SE Europe", 12 – 15 May, 2014 in Belgrade, Serbia, The Institute for Corporate Security Studies (ICS-Ljubljana), Slovenia and the Faculty of Applied Security, University EDUCONS, Vojvodina, Serbia, Key speaker, Chairman of a panel.

-                    European Commission Climate Change Campaign „World you like. With a climate you like“ in UARD – Plovdiv, октомври 2013март 2014, Contact and responsible person for UARD.

-                    Seminar “Encouragement of entrepreneurship and innovation transfer in organic production and regional development”, Organized under EC Climate Change Campaign by UARD with the support of Organic farming department of the Institute of regional studies of UARD, Presentation “World you like. With a climate you like Campaign“, UARD – Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 29 October 2013, Organizor and lecturer.

-                  EDUECO, Education Capacity Development in Organic farming throuth LLL  courses development – organic modules and courses design, implementation and evaluation of educational capacities development in organic farming, Participation in the Training workshop for WBC university staff and secondary school teachers staff – teaching methods, teaching plan and learning outcomes, Internal audit, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 11-15 November 2013;Participant, expert, auditor.

-                    EDUECO International meeting, Educons University, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia, 20 June 2013. Expert.

-                    Implementation of a Quality Assurance System for training in organic food retail, University of Thessaly, Greece, 12 September 2012. Expert.

-                    Organizing the workshop in the framework of AGRA – BIOAGRA 2012: TEMPUS EDUECO, Innovation through networking in educational projects in Bulgaria, 8 March 2012, Member of the Organizational Committee and lecturer.

-                    Organizing the international conference Organic farming day from 2011 – 2016 during the International agricultural exhibition AGRA at the International Plovdiv fair – Bulgaria. Member of the Organizational Committee.

-                    EDUECO –training: Innovative entrepreneurship in organic farming in the Netherlands, Tempus Program,presentation: Bulgarian experience and entrepreneurship in organic agriculture,Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands, 13‑17 February 2012. Expert.

-                    Еducation of teachers in the field of ecological food production and management Opening Conference and network workshop, 28.11.2011. Expert.

Scientific awards and membership in scientific societies


INSIGNI CUM LAUDE – Vasil Levski National Military University – Veliko Tarnovo – Bulgaria, 2016


-Union of scientists in Bulgaria, Plovdiv branch, member of the section of Economics

-Nonbusiness association Territorial organization Science and technology unions and House of science and technique – Plovdiv, member

-Non-profit association Innovations and sustainability academy – Plovdiv, founder and president of the managing body

Reviewer in scientific journals:

-Economics World, David Publishing USA, ISSN 2328-7144

-International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review, ISSN 2360-7076

-Issues in Business Management and Economics, ISSN 2350-157X

-Journal Economics of Agriculturе, ISSN 0352-3462

-Journal of Business and Economics, ISSN 2155-7950

-Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People (JEDEP), ISSN 2285-3642, ISSN-L 2285-364

-Pearl Journal of Management, Social Science and Humanities, ISSN 2449-1829

-Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review, ISSN 2449-1837

-International Journal of Research and Methodology in Social Science (IJRMSS)

-Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal, ISSN 2414-584X

Editorial boards:

-International Journal of Research and Methodology in Social Science (IJRMSS)

-Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal, ISSN 2414-584X


-Editor of Academic tribune – newspaper of students, university teachers and officers in UARD

-Secretary of New knowledge Journal of science ISSN 2367-4598 (Online), ISSN 1314-5703 (Print)

-Managing editor of Journal of Innovations and Sustainability, ISSN 2367-8127 (CD‑ROM), ISSN 2367-8151 (on-line)

-Member of Slow Food Plovdiv Convivium



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