Alla Belousova




Full name

Alla Belousova

Place and date of birth

22.11.1957, Rostov on Don, Russia


Place of work

Chair of Psychology of Education

Faculty of Pedagogy and Practical Psychology

Southern Federal University


The head of  Chair of Psychology of Education


Ph. D. in Psychology, doctor of psychological sciences

Research focus

Psychological systems, collaborative thinking activity, the style of thinking, personality, psychology of managment

Pedagogical activity

high school teacher for 25 years

Disciplines: psychology of collaborative thinking activity, methodology and methods of the organization of scientific research, Psychological aspects of innovative methods in education, etc.


150 papers, 3 monographes (one - in English), 15 educational and teaching books.

6 papers in English:


Belousova A., Suroedova E. Sense Transfer In Communication as a Languaage World Picture Fomation Factor // Cognitive Modeling in Linguistics. UK, Cambridg Scholaras Publishing, 2012. P.121-135.


Belousova A., Ryumshina L. The tendency to manipulate others as a negative personal quality of the doctor // Violence in the Health Sector. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector. Linking local initiatives with global learning. 24-26 October 2012 Vancuver, Canada. Amsterdam: Publisher KAVANAH, 2012. P.372.


Belousova A. The age differences in the style of thinking development // The 12 European Congress of Psychology. Istanbul, July 04/08, 2011. – Poster. Abstracts. 343p.

Belousova A. “Aim-dying” and its role in the transformation of the collaborative thinking activity. // Bulgarian journal of psychology. Sofia. 2010. 1-4. p.22-29.

Belousova A. Сollaborative thinking activity as the development factor of the youth intellectual potential // Зборник радова «Hаше стварање» са шестог Cимпозијума са међународним учешћем «Васпитачу 21. веку». Алексинац:  Висока школа за васпитаче струковних студија, 2010. Р. 540-548.


Belousova A. Initiation of Collaborative Thinking Activity Self-Organization.Монография. Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010. 182 p.


Белоусова А.К. Самоорганизация совместной мыслительной деятельности: системный подход. Монография. Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010. 334 с.

Professional Service

Член Диссертационного совета по психологическим наукам ЮФУ, Ростов-на-Дону

Член экспертного совета по педагогике и психологии ЮФУ,  Ростов-на-Дону

Член Совета Учебно-методического объединения высших учебных заведений Российской федерации по психолого-педагогическому образованию, Москва


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