Oksana Barsukova

Barsukova Oksana


Full name

Barsukova Oksana

Place and date of birth

Kansk, Russia

05 march 1973

Place of work

Chair of Psychology of Education

Faculty of Pedagogy and Practical Psychology

Southern Federal University


An associate professor


Ph. D. in Psychology

Research focus

Psychology of ambition, personality, motivation of personality, art way of studying personality, psychology of managment

Pedagogical activity

high school teacher for 15 years

Disciplines: psychology of personality, methodology of psychology, qualitative and quantitative methods, history of psychology, anthropology of childhood, etc.


77 papers, 1 monograph, 25 educational and teaching books.

2 papers in English:

Psychological structure of ambition// The 12th European Congress of Psychology Istanbul July 04-08, 2011. Poster Abstracts. Page 664

An evil in the student's environment: Pilot research of the ideas and emotional experience of the students // European Federation of Psychology Teachers’ Associations Newsletter September 2012. P. 25-29 (in co-authorship)






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