Vladimir Matić

Vladimir Matic

Vladimir Matic PhD

Vocational school Vukovar, Croatia


Dr.. sc. Vladimir Matic was born on 26 September 1954. in Vukovar. Elementary school and high school finished in Vukovar. Faculty of Education in Osijek. He graduated in 1981. The study group on production and Technical Education (Polytechnics study) and became a professor of production-technical education.

 The Master of Science degree, with the protection and improvement of environment, promoted in 1987. year, defending the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies of the Belgrade University master's thesis entitled "Production and technical education and education in order to protect and improve the living and working environment." Part of his thesis is devoted to the application of computers in the teaching environment, using a computer simulation model.

 The largest part of his professional career to the informatics.

 As head Documentation Service of the Municipal Court in Vukovar (since 1993. Till 1997.) Systematically examines the possibilities of computerization of the overall activities of the court. He is the author of a number of court for keeping books and directories, court records and diaries of the work of judges, which was presented to the public at the "first specialized exhibition justice software in the Republic of Croatia", held on 8 June 1994. in Zagreb, organized by the Municipal Court in Vukovar.

 The formation of the Vukovar County Court, is an employee of the court, where he worked since 1997. - 2002., the position of senior professional associate for IT managers and judicial department of informatics.

 As an employee of the County Court gave its contribution to the organization I Symposium "Media and technology in the courts," which was held in April 1998. in Vukovar.

 He has authored or co-authored a number of papers and reports, which in recent years has exhibited at professional conferences and symposia in the Republic of Croatia. Highlights the one titled "Computerization in the Municipal Court in Vukovar," published in the Journal of Croatian Judges' index "no. 3 (1) of 1993. the year in which he elaborated and developed the organizational structure Documentation Service in the overall operations of the court, is proposing, as a model, and other courts in the Republic of Croatia.

 Then, "How to computerize the Croatian judiciary - the basic guidelines," published in the Proceedings of the Symposium "Media and technology in the courts," held in Vukovar 24th April 1998. year, and one called "Practical reinforcement of computerization of the courts," published in the Proceedings of the Conference of the Association of Croatian Judges' For efficient judiciary, "held in Zagreb on 30 November 2001.

 Doctoral dissertation titled "Model of IT support environmental education vocational school students' defended on 18 October 2011. at the Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" in Zrenjanin, University in Novi Sad, and acquired the academic degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.

 From the first August 2003. he is director of the Third Vukovar high school, vocational school today in Vukovar.

 In the last few years researching the possibilities of applying modern information technology in teaching ecology. Recent papers outlining results of the research are: 

  1. Matić, V., Hotomski, P. i Voskresenski, K., "Personal computer in use of ecological education pupils vocational schools", Technics Technologies Education Management, vol. 6 (4), pp. 1188–1198, Sarajevo: DRUNPP, 2011.
  2. Matić, V., "Environmental Education of Students in Vocational Schools in a Multimedia Surrounding", IEEE 35th international convention, ISSN: 1847-3946, pp. 1527-1532, Opatija: May 21-25, 2012.




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