Robert Dimitrovski


Robert Dimitrovski PhD

MIT University in Skopje, Macedonia

Robert Dimitrovski is a university professor who works in the sphere of management. He is born in Bitola, graduated at the Faculty of Law in Skopje, and has obtained his master degree and doctoral degree in management at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje. He is a founder of the Macedonian National Observatory for Vocational Education, participant in a number of educational activities, teams, projects, researches and collaborator of international, foreign and home institutions. He is a founder of a number of domestic and foreign institutions, as well as the faculty of management at FON University and European University.  At the moment he works as a university professor at MIT University in Skopje.

Robert Dimitrovski is an author of a number of papers, as well as the following books:

- Organizational structure in the schools in the Republic of Macedonia – scientific study

- Management of the school infrastructure

- Basics of management (Varna) - book

- Basics of the organizational design – book

- Management and the organizational structure

- School typology

- Organization, book 1 – book

- Management, first edition – book

- Management, second edition – book

- Management of small business – book

- Management – Manual for students (with Z. Gorgieva and A. Taneva)

- Diplomatic-consular relations

- Principles of public administration (with prof. J. Kekenovski) – book

- Management, third edition – book

- Public administration ( with prof. J. Kekenovski) – book

- Human resource management – book

- Management of information systems – book

- Business planning and decision making (with prof. S. Kozuharov) – book

- Management, sixth edition – book

- Management – Manual for students, second edition ( with Z. Georgieva and A. Taneva)

- Business and entrepreneurship ( with prof. S. Kozuharov ) – book for high school

- Project management – book

- Business planning, second edition ( with prof. S. Kozuharov) – book

- Change management – book

- Change management – Manual for students

- Business planning – Manual for students

- Management of the human potential – Manual for students

- Project management – Manual for students

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