Dr. Ljubisa Stojmirovic

Ljubisa Stojmenovic

Ljubisa Stojmirovic PhD

High business School, Belgrade, Serbia


Dr. Ljubisa Stojmirovic was born 09/11/1950. in Belgrade, the Zvezdara. He graduated in 1978. at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in cyberspace organizational direction. At the same university he enrolled in graduate studies and became the first Master of the development of this college. Master's thesis, "AIMS PRODUCTION LABOR ORGANIZATION" as required exams for the same defense managed to finish in record time. He received his MA in 1980. year.

PhD thesis in the field of management has successfully defended at the Faculty in 1998. on the topic: "OPERATING SYSTEM OBJECTIVES OF PRODUCTION COMPANY" Bachelor's, master's and doctoral work were done under the guidance of mentor Prof. Milos Rajkov.

Selection of thesis and dissertation refers to decisions which are related to the science of management, technology and innovation, both in theoretical and in practical approach. During the period in 1982. up in 1985. He worked as a teacher in a high school of economics' 17 October "in Belgrade (Grocka) of the Information Technology (mechanic with ADP).

In the maritime agency "Jugoagent" worked in managerial positions in business and commercial activities as well as business customs, transport and freight forwarding. At the Belgrade Business School in Belgrade, he was appointed professor at the Management April 2000th year. The same school has a Professor in the field of management and marketing.

November 2004th was appointed full professor at the Faculty of Management. During his political career he was more mandates and municipal councilman in the city of Belgrade and municipalities Grocka and Zvezdara.

He was president of GO Zvezdara 2005th

Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia in 1997. - 2001th and chairman of the board of education during the same period.

Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia 2012th

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