Svetlana Veljanovska

Svetlana Veljanovska



University "St. Kliment Ohridski" Bitola, Faculty of Law, Kicevo, Macedonia



 Doctoral Studies: Faculty of Law Skopje 2012 - Doctor of Law

 Master: Faculty of Philosophy Skopje 2009 Master in European Integration and Communication

 Higher Education: Law Faculty of Legal Studies in 1990 - majoring in journalism


 Faculty 2012- teacher - Assistant Professor

 Faculty Fellow 2009-2012 - Assistant

 NDI Skopje 2006-2009 Assistant

 Radio Kicevo 1995-2006 Journalist, editor, editor in chief , Director


   - World Justice Project: Rule of Law Index 2015 report; Washington DC USA 2015

-          -World Justice Project: Rule of Law Index 2014 report; Washington DC USA 2014

 -          - World Justice Project: Rule of Law Index 2013 report; Washington DC USA 2013

 -Support Project for establishment of probation in the criminal justice system of the Republic of Macedonia - winner Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Skopje 2012

 Activities in the NGO sector

 -          Cooperation with The Service to check the facts in the media section analysis (published forty analysis to date)

 -          Member Of the National technique of Macedonia as a mentor to students from primary and secondary school and won several 1,2 and 3 places of republican contests

 -          Member Of the Center for Community Development - Kicevo

 -          Member Of the NGO to protect the rights of women and children in Macedonia Skopje


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