Jugoslav Aničić

 Jugoslav Anicic

Jugoslav Aničić, Associated Professor
University Union - Nikola Tesla, Faculty of entrepreneurial business, Belgrade, Serbia



 Date of birth: 12/10/1962
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Completed the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, 1986;
MA: Faculty of entrepreneurial business, 06.11.2007. years.
Doctorate: 02.12.2008. Faculty of entrepreneurial business, Union University in Belgrade

The title of Docent: Union University, Faculty of entrepreneurial business, Belgrade, 15/12/2008, scientific area Management
The title of Associate professor: Union University, Faculty of entrepreneurial business, Belgrade, 05.09.2013, scientific area Economy

Special scientific area:

Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Business Finance, Financial Management, Marketing Management

 The works of international importance:

1. Pešić, A., Radović,D., Djordjević, B., Pešić, D., Radović, B., Aničić, J., „An Alternative Method for the Quantitative Assessment of the Production Function", TTEM journal in Vol.7, No.2, 5/6. 2012.
2. Vukotić, S., Aničić, J., Laketa, M., (2013): Clusters as a part of improvement function of Serbian economy real sector competitiveness", AMFITEATRU ECONOMIC, Vol. XV, No 33, p 224-245. ISSN 1582-9146
3. Aničić, J., Jelić, M., Djurović, J.,(2016), Local Tax Policy in the Function of Development of Municipalities in Serbia 13TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM IN MANAGEMENT: MANAGEMENT DURING AND AFTER THE ECONOMIC CRISIS, vol. 221 br, str. 262-269.
4. Aničić, J., Zakić, N., Vukotić, S., Subić, J., (2016), Clustering as an opportunity for internationalization of the SME sector in Serbia, JOURNAL OF BALKAN AND NEAR EASTERN STUDIES, vol. 18 br. 5, str. 506-524
5. Dukić, D., Majstorović, A., Aničić, J., (2013) Extent and types of management consulting services to SMEs in Vojvodina, Industrija, Vol. 41, No.3, p 147-165; UDK: 005.942.334.7; ISSN 0350-0373
6. Aničić, J., Vukotić, S., Krstić, S.,(2016) The strategic aspects and results of agriculture development in Serbia in the transition period, Ekonomika poljoprivrede, Vol LXIII, No 1, str. 175-189




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